Victoria Park Portsmouth
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There are over 230 trees in Victoria Park with 10 trees pre-dating when the park was built.

A recent tree survey assessed that while the majority of trees are good specimens with a long-life expectancy, some were in poor condition. Therefore a few trees are proposed to be felled as they are impaired, as is good management practice. All felled trees will be replaced. No trees will be felled for the proposed new community hub building.

New tree planting will include six new trees along the avenue to re-create the original design. More trees will be planted to the southern boundary and north east area.

The veteran trees include a 200-year-old Poplar tree that is currently within the council depot, this will become a feature of the new central courtyard. It will allow people to walk under the tree and enjoy the open area close to the new community hub building and existing aviary.


We understand from consultation that many people enjoy being in the park to connect with nature.

To improve the ecological habitats for wildlife and to enhance the park’s biodiversity, we are proposing two areas with different natural planting. This approach also respects the original design style of more native and natural planting, including wildflower and wetland areas.

New natural style planting area with trees, native shrubs and wildflower meadow to the north east part of the park.

New wetland area to the south east with appropriate planting to enhance the biodiversity within the park.

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