Victoria Park Portsmouth
The masterplan

Entrances to the park


Improvements to the park’s entrances have been considered to make the park more inviting and welcoming and to improve accessibility. Each of the entrances will also have new, distinguishable and appropriate names to help people find their way into and around the park.

What are the plans

Three of the entrances have planned enhancements.

North east entrance

Bishop Crispian Way

This entrance is currently a narrow and restrictive entrance to the park. A wider entrance is planned with new double gates and a wider path.

South east entrance

Tunnel entrance

Feedback from consultation has included the request for lighting within the tunnel. The walls in the tunnel also offer the opportunity for public art. Therefore, the plan is to incorporate lighting within art panel boards on one side of the tunnel.

We may consider naming other entrances to the park.

North west entrance

Anglesea Road/Queen Street (next to the café)

This entrance leads to the main avenue through Victoria Park. As a link to the heritage of the park
a new welcome arch is proposed with the wording ‘Victoria Park Portsea Gate’ to better distinguish the entrance.

The People's Park

Map of the park


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    Adventure Playground

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    Rose Garden

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    Woodland Area

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    Nearest Bus Stops

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