Victoria Park Portsmouth


The fountain

The Centenary Fountain is part of the original Alexander McKenzie design for Victoria Park.

It was supplied by a London firm called Allen & Co who made iron fountains, drinking fountains and even cutlery. But it may have been made in France as the design is similar to fountains made by a French iron foundry called Val d’Osne. When the fountain was first installed, the fountain ran off a gas-fired pump, but today it is powered by electricity.

Fishing for more

When the fountain pool was emptied for cleaning in 2022 the first job was to move the fish out. We expected a few but were amazed to find several hundred. Most were goldfish and they ranged in size from a finger to a forearm!

Look out for a heron, which occasionally visits the fountain pool.

Opening ceremony: eye witness account

From the ‘Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Chronicle’, 29 May 1878


The opening of the Victoria Park on Saturday, the day selected for the celebration of Her Majesty’s birthday, was in very respect appropriate…

Bunting in a profusion of colours, and a bewildering variety of designs, invited the attention of every passer by, and imparted to the view that gay appearance which is generally admitted to be one of the chief characteristics of inaugural ceremonies and outdoor galas. The members of the Corporation too, appeared in their civic robes, and the men of the fire brigade donned their well-burnished helmets, to the unbounded delight of admiring juveniles; while to make everything complete there were two bands, that of the Royal Marine Artillery and the Portsea Island Union, to discourse sweet music.