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Revitalising Victoria Park

Introduction to the project

Victoria Park has been at the heart of Portsmouth for over 140 years. Created in 1878 after the old naval city walls were demolished, it turned farmland into a people’s park – an open green space for those living in cramped conditions in Landport and Portsea.

The park has stood as a witness to over a century of change in Portsmouth and beyond, sometimes getting caught up in events and often providing sanctuary within its gates.

In December 2021, following extensive local engagement, we were awarded £2.4m of National Lottery Heritage Funding to restore and revitalise the People’s Park. Our thanks goes to all the Lottery Players that make this possible.

The four year project, which started in Spring 2022 will use the heritage of Victoria Park to create a more inclusive space where local people can improve wellbeing, increase learning and access new opportunities. With the creation of new buildings and infrastructure sympathetic to the park’s landscape and history and the help of a team of volunteers, we are delivering a programme of exciting events and activities to build a community in the park.


What the funding is for

Our key outcomes are improvements to:

  • Our community     – by making sure the park is welcoming and inclusive for all and supports the wellbeing of park users
  • Our heritage           – by protecting our heritage and telling the stories of the park’s history
  • Our environment   – by celebrating and safeguarding the natural landscape, ecology and wildlife of the park

All the elements of our project meet the following criteria

  • It must blend well with what’s already there and add to the atmosphere of the park
  • It must continue to provide for current users while also attracting new visitors
  • It supports people’s health and wellbeing
  • It will have a positive effect on the park’s nature and the wider environment
  • It will build a sense of community

If you would like to help us shape the future of Victoria Park please get involved with the project.

Find out how here

The People's Park

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The People's Park

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